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I love it when a plan comes together!

time-travellers-guide-to-haverthwaite-final-flat-1-9-16I'd been working on a different book for a while but had not got round to publishing it due to looking at helping people with business orientated books and of course another business book I'm also working on.

There are few things on the Internet that increase your "Street Credibility" then that of having a book published.  The add to this the announcement in Online Media across the globe that you have achieved Best Seller Status on Amazon and all of a sudden people are looking at you in a different light.

Some time ago I did some research when I was a Churchwarden of St Anne's Haverthwaite, a small Parish Church situated in South Cumbria approximately mid way between the major towns of Kendal and Barrow in Furness.  Like all these things I got a good bit of research done on certain aspects of the church and one particular family of note that once lived there.

As we all find when working on a pet project there is always something that get's in the way of you finishing it.  Well that kept happening to me but I perceived and eventually set a day or so aside over a few weeks to get the book put together and published.  It worked.  And within a few hours of it going live on Amazon we'd hit #1 in two categories and #3 in a another.

The Book I called "The Time Traveller's Guide to Haverthwaite" - the wax and wane of a small rural industrial  parish.

It's available here for the UK

It's available here for USA


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New Publication Hits Amazon Best Seller List

Write a Book! Who Me?There is one aspect of Marketing that UK business owners have difficulty getting their heads around more than Writing a Book and having it published.  I'm not talking about writing the next "Harry Potter" or another "War and Peace".  No, what I mean by writing a book as a business owner is to publish something about what they know.  Their Expertise.

So, I took the opportunity of putting into a short book what the benefits can be to an individual and their business if they had a book published.   As you can see from the image next to this text, the title is: "Write a Book! Who Me?

It got that name because it was the main response given to me when I spoke to people about using a book to promote their business.   It was launched on yesterday Tuesday morning 31st May on Amazon and by 11:00 pm yesterday evening it had become a Best Seller.   If you would like to view the book or purchase it for under £1.00 just click the link on the image or Click Here

Two Fantastic Opportunities for Business Owners

Opportunity 1: Be Featured in One of Our Books

TCT Internet Entrepreneur Secrets hardcoverstack_720x820 V7We are looking for Business Owners who would like to be featured in one of our books!  To qualify you have to be a business that has an online presence and you can be a service based business or one that sells products.

Don't worry, you won't have to do any writing!

We will interview you for the book which will be based around how you first started trading online and how you got to where you are now.   The idea is to help any budding businesses to improve what they do.

The book when published will have 100% of retail royalties donated to Teenage Cancer Trust which will give them some much needed income and exposure on line - which is where you will benefit if you qualify to have your own chapter in the book.

To Arrange Your Interview - Call Us Now to Be In this Fantastic Project on 0161 818 8686

Opportunity 2: Be Featured on One of Our Radio Shows

Would you like to be Interviewed on Business Innovators Radio?

We are offering for small and medium sized business owners the opportunity to be Interviewed on Business Innovators Radio along side other industry leaders and movers and shakers.  Have a look at the image below for more details on where our radio show can be found.

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How do we Gain Credibility?

There are a number of ways to build credibility, and you can spend all your life trying to achieve it and never really getting there apart from with a few of those that deal with you.  But this does not drive customers to your business.  For that you have to do the tasks that bring it to you.

Richard Branson once said that he would much rather pay for a Press Release than for advertising.